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Why does he need to be smuggled??? Carpatair is simpler!! C.

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Let Christian first get to Chernivtsi.
There he should be able to find a peasant who will smuggle him across
the border to Romania.
In the winter of 1944 - 45 many Czernowitzers escaped the Communist
paradise in this fashion.
It took courage to do this. Twice my parents and I were all ready to go.
One time the peasant decided that that particular night was not safe.
Another night, friends of my parents asked to go instead of us,
because they had leave right away or end up in Siberia.

On Feb 19, 2014, at 2:06 PM, HARDY BREIER wrote:

> Am organizing Mission Impossible rescue team to get our man out.
> Hardy
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>> The TV in London just showed the protestors have blocked the
>> Polish border.
>> Cornel
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>> Now western Ukraine has declared its independence.
>> Does this include Chernivtsi?
>> And who is behind this latest move?
>> Mimi
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