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Forgive the ignorance of a new member. Iosif's answer got me researching and I now see the issue.

"Messianic Jews Face Organized Resistance in Russia and Ukraine

 8:00PM EDT 6/30/2001 Frank Brown

  A Russia-born American rabbi has launched an aggressive campaign to warn Jews about Messianic outreach efforts

After years of unchecked growth, Messianic Jewish groups in the Soviet Union are facing their first organized, well-funded opposition. It comes from a newly opened center in Moscow. The four-person office, opened in early February in a former kindergarten in the center of the Russian capital, is run by Rabbi Alexander Lakshin, a Russia-born U.S. citizen who said he is committed to fighting Messianic Jewish groups across the former Soviet Union.

"Clearly, belief in Jesus as a Messiah or God or both clearly contradicts the foundation of Judaism. For 2,000 years, Jews rejected this idea," said Lakshin, a soft-spoken 44-year-old with a flowing beard and an easygoing manner.

Lakshin criticizes Messianic Jews--ethnically Jewish Christians who incorporate Hebrew traditions into worship services--for what he said was their intentional efforts to mislead uneducated, secular Jews into believing that belief in Jesus as the Messiah is consistent with Judaism. "

This, indeed, sounds a lot like Jews For Jesus. Maybe it all comes from the failure of Jews to be allowed to practice their original faith in the Soviet Union. I also looked up Shcerbatyuk in Jewishgen and the only ones listed seem to come from Bessarabia.


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