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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014 12:06:46 -0500
To: Mark Wiznitzer <>
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I received today an Email from one of my friends in Chernivtsi.
Because of the very dangerous situation the Ukraine finds itself in
at this time,
I am sending you a copy of what my friend wrote.

> The Ukraine is now in danger of of a war against it.
> Our "closest ally"- Russia has suddenly been unveiled as a foe,
> the forces of which have recently conquered the Crimea.
> The official explanation is that the Russians residing in the area
> are endangered by the new government in Kiev,
> which according to Putin's belief was formed solely by Nazis,
> followers of Bandera and other nationalists.
> What nonsense!
> The "Maidan" in Kiev fought against the corrupt , criminal regime
> and for a better future of our country, not against Russia or any
> other country.
> Moscow is now trying to rob us of the right to self-determination
> and does not recognize the provisional government in Kiev.
> The reason for their doing so is easily at hand;
> A successful stabile and democratic Ukraine is a greater danger
> to the Putin Regime than all the missiles of NATO.
> The Ukrainian state is now undergoing basic changes and is
> therefore weak, as never before.
> Moscow knows how to use this to its own advantage and is trying to
> provoke a civil war in the Ukraine.
> Only the "West" can keep in check the war plans of Putin and save
> the Ukraine and itself.
> As long as the Western Democracies continue to only talk and do not
> undertake any actions,
> the EU has no future.
> The second Munich agreement can only lead to a general catastrophe.
> Against the background of this difficult situation in eastern Europe,
> I ask you to inform your fellow citizens about the factual
> situation in the Ukraine,
> as well as to move your politicians to exert pressure on Moscow, so
> that it regains its reason.
> I plead with you, not only in the name of millions of Ukrainians,
> but also in the name of my children.

The Czernowitz -List has members in the US, Canada, Australia,
Britain, France,
Germany, Israel and other countries.
I ask all of you to respond to the pleas of my friend in Chernivtsi
and to write
to your government representatives to ask them to condemn the actions
of the current government of Russia.

On Mar 2, 2014, at 9:22 AM, Mark Wiznitzer wrote:

> This article provides a narrative on the recent history of Ukraine
> sorting out much of the propaganda. It includes by name some of
> the Jews participating in the revolution.
> propaganda/
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