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Hi, Hardy and Co.,

About the custom:

Sterntuechel in Tschernowitz in Iuliu Barasch's words (1843)

".Die Frauen tragen hier in den Wochentagen kein Sterntuechel und haben
dafuer diesen kostspieligen und unnuetzen Schmuck an den Fesstagen auf.
Das Sterntuechel selbst sieht hier bei weitem sonderbarer und
unertraeglicher aus als in Galizien aus; ueberhaupt ist es gewiss ein
groessere Unsinn sich zu verarmen um ein reiches Sterntuechel im Kasten zu
besitzen , als in Galizien, wo er doch unaufhoerlich den Kopf seiner
Besitzerin ziert "

"The women wear here [ in Czernowitz] in the week days no Sterntuechel ;
they wear this expensive and useless decorations on feast days only.
The Sterntuechel even looks far stranger and more intolerable than in
Galicia; it is certainly a bigger nonsense to impoverish yourself to a rich
Sterntuechel in the box , than in Galicia, where it still incessantly adorns
the head of its owner"

For Gaby and Mimi, here you can see two more examples ( for Purim?) .
Zoom in on the pictures to see the diamonds !


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I assume that strictly orthodox Jewish women covered not only their hair,
but also part of their forehead. To better have the coverings stay in place,
they covered their forehead with one cloth and their hair with another.
Either because of modesty or because of poverty, the larger headscarf was
usually quite simple. But the Sterntichel was small, only visible from the
front and only worn on festive occasions, therefore it could be made of silk
and decorated with embroidery and precious stones.

On Mar 12, 2014, at 10:26 AM, HARDY BREIER wrote:

> You all concentrate on the etymology , What about the custom ?
> Hardy

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