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Hi Mimi, Hardy, and list members,
Until now I stood in my corner, without participating in the last
discussions, about "Stirntichel" I read your comments, but now allow me to
Mimi is right. When I was a teenager, I found in the loft of my grandparents
some pages of a diary, from my grand-grandmother with a description of
2"Tichels." one for the head, to cover the toupee, because the orthodox
women had their head shaved. very elegant, with pearls, the second "Tichel"
was a "brest/tichel, also of the same material like the other for the head.
This "brest-tichel "was fixed on the neck and on the waist, back.I never
understood the purpose, may be , in these time there were not yet
brassieres, so what? may be to cover the too big bosom???
Best regards

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I assume that strictly orthodox Jewish women covered not only their
but also part of their forehead. To better have the coverings stay in
they covered their forehead with one cloth and their hair with another.
Either because of modesty or because of poverty, the larger headscarf
was usually quite simple. But the Sterntichel was small, only visible
from the front
and only worn on festive occasions, therefore it could be made of silk
and decorated with embroidery and precious stones.

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