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I would treat them as if they were married. The actual marriages,
divorces, permanent or temporary partners - those details are unimportant.
It is the
biological relatives that count here.

If one is using a family tree software
program, one can make notations in designated fields, but for all intents
purposes, the biological links are the important ones - genetically and

The other relationships can also be entered, with appropriate notations,
in the special fields.

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I know someone who has a child and lives with a "common-law partner".

Both parents of both of the childıs parents are divorced. Three remarried
and the fourth has a permanent partner.

As far as the child is concerned, they have 8 grandparents. It has
certain material benefits, on birthdays, for example.

How would one chart such a family? With a lot of horizontal dashes I
suppose? And (before Hardy says it) a lot of dashed relationships!

Gary D.

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