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Hi all
They were like a tram without rails - electrically supplied via a pantograph
Those pantograph used to frequently loose contact with the overhead wire

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> On 25 Apr 2014, at 7:46 pm, Edgar Hauster <> wrote:
> My guess is, that the trolley-busses from 1939 were exclusively electrically-operated. The first gas/diesel-powered omnibusses were introduced in Czernowitz six years earlier, in September 1933. "Der Tag" reported by its September 6, 1933 edition on this event. The Czernowitzers - no surprise - were very skeptical first towards this new local passenger traffic and a lot of "educational work" was still to be done, as "Der Tag" stated, but the omnibusses themselves had to do their "homework" too, i. e.
> - keeping fixed departure times,
> - not waiting at each bus stop "to all eternity" for additional passengers,
> - stopping only at specified bus stops,
> - systematizing the omnibus traffic.
> Well, I believe the Czernowitzers finally adopted this vehicles, as I'm gathering from the different strikes of the carriage drivers, which took place in the years that followed the introduction of the omnibus traffic.
> Edgar Hauster
> Lent - The Netherlands

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