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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16:43:31 +0200
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Dear Hardy,

thank you so much for your touching comment. I never felt I'm alone with my wanderings and explorations and the Czernowitz list is a good example for this. Just have a look at the Selma biography of Marion Tauschwitz, the essays of Friedrich Ortwein, or the activity of Action Reconciliation. None of them has roots in Bukovina but all are attracted by the region.
You ask whether my passion is by coincidence. Well, none of us can oversee all the invisible strings we depend on. But at least I can name one reason why my fascination for Czernowitz and Bukovina never stoped: It was the warm welcome by the list members when I joined the group years ago and all the stories that were told here - the funny stories as well as the sad stories. I always felt in good company. Isn't this a good reason to continue the wanderings?

Shabbat Shalom, Hardy, and everybody else!

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Betreff: [Cz-L] The impossible dream
If the Czernowitzer had a choice of a 1001 nights genie and
could have a wish accomplished no one would dream up Christian.
For a Koelner German to turn into a Jews of Bukovina explorer
is beyond imagination.
Like the fortune teller who was present at his cradle and predicted:
"When you grow up ,you will travel to faraway lands , of a long
forgotten people , who spoke strange languages.
You will look for traces of an extinguished people and
bring back their existence."
And so it came to be.
Was all this by coincidence ?


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