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   On Monday night the reading for Marion Tauschwitz's new book "Selma
Merbaum-Ich hatte keine Zeit gehabt zuende zu schreiben" (I had no time
to finish writing) took place at Berlin's big book-store, Dussmann.
Organized as a dialogue between Marion Tauschwitz and the well-known
(and beautiful actress) Iris Berben, introduced by the publisher. The
room was packed, and the interest great. Selma's poems are already quite
well-known in Germany and often read in schools.
They both read from the book, Marion Tauschwitz also giving a general
view of her search for Selma's background and Iris Berben spoke of her
love for the poems. She was deeply impressed when she read them in
Czernowitz, in the Chessed Shoshana hall, with Prof. Rychlo
interpreting. Berben then read "Poem", in a personal, very moving
manner, in which Selma's yearning for love, for life, her sensibility,
her premonitions, are so well formulated.
  At the end Iris Berben read part of her well-written introduction.
Tauschwitz' book is an insider's view of Selma's life and writing, with
very accurate research into the family history. She has searched family
records, read intensively documentation and literature on the subject,
interviewed persons in Europe and Israel, has corrected irregularities
including Selma's correct name. She describes Selma's strong personality
against the background of the social, cultural and political influences
on the young girl's spiritual development. Her sensitive poetry, her
hunger for life, her political views and her sight of the tragic events
which took place in the last years of her life. The tragedy of the
concentration camps...
Selma, through Marion Tauschwitz' book has become alive again. Her poems
are world literature.
A lot of applause at the end, and people literally rushed with the books
for signature.

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