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This is from the Union Hora (Hora Unirii) first Rumanian anthem
composed with the occasion of creation of united Rumania and
it goes : Let us join hand to hand,
              All those with rumanian hearts.
            Let us dance the Union Hora
              On the soil of Romania
    And since then they have been dancing all the time:
   "Hai sa dam mana cu mana",


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> On the same meter there was:
> "Undei unu nui putere la nevoie si la durere
> unde'i doi puterea creste si dusmanul nu reuceste"
> (where there is one, there is no ability or strength in need and duress
> where there are two strength grows and the enemy does not win)
> Mimi
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>> Hi! I am not sure what the product was...but I remember a Romanian radio
>> ad
>> that went "Focul nu se respendeshte unde Mimimax pezeshte! " and I
>> cannot spell Romanian!!! Cornel
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>> I add to Hardy's list: Niva cream, and I remember Fish Oil my Mutti gave
>> me
>> so I will be a strong boy. The label had a fisherman carrying a big fish
>> on
>> his back, but I don't remember the brand -- do you?
>> Dow
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