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>From the Good soldier Svejk:

"So they've done it to us," said the cleaning woman to Mr. Svejk. "They've
killed our Ferdinand."

Svejk had been discharged from military service years ago when a military
medical commission had pronounced him to be officially an imbecile. Now, he
was making his living by selling dogs, ugly mongrel mutants, that he sold as
purebreds by forging their pedigrees. In addition to this demeaning
vocation, Svejk also suffered from rheumatism and was just now rubbing his
aching knees with camphor ice.

"Which Ferdinand, Mrs. Müller?" he asked. "I know two Ferdinands. One is the
pharmacist Prusa's delivery boy, who drank up a whole bottle of hair potion
once by mistake. And then, I know one Ferdinand Kokoska, who collects dog
turds. Neither one would be much of a loss."

"But Mr. Svejk! They killed the Archduke Ferdinand, the one from Konopiste,
the fat one, the religious one."

"Jesusmaria!" yelled Svejk. "That's big! And where did it befall him, the
royal archduke?"

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> Hi, All
> I agree with Berti.
> Here are a few sentences from my father's ( born 1903) memoirs:
> Sommer 1914. Das Schuljahr war gerade zu Ende gegangen. Wir kamen in die
> Klasse zur Zeugnissverteilung, da teilte uns der Klassenvorstand mit, dass
> gestern den 28.Juni " unser geliebter Thronfolger Franz Ferdinand von
> boesen
> Fanatikern in Sarajewo ermordet wurde". Ein leises Bangen schlich in
> unsere
> Herzen , bald schon stuerzten wir in den Sommer hinaus um die
> unterbrochenen
> herrlichen Spiele wieder aufzunehmen.
> Translation
> Summer of 1914. The school year had just ended. We arrived in the class
> for
> certificate distribution, when we were told by the class -teacher that
> yesterday, the 28th of June "our beloved Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand was
> assassinated in Sarajevo by malicious fanatics". A slight trepidation
> crept
> into our hearts, soon we rushed out into the summer to resume our
> interrupted magnificent games.
> What happened a month later , is the beginning of the real story.
> Wishing all Czernowitzers a nice and peaceful summer!
> Irene
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> Or the curious coincidence that Franz Ferdinand and his wife were
> assassinated also on June 28 but in the year 1914. Cause or excuse for
> WWI?
> Surely start of decisive changes for many regions around.
> I vote for this last date as most important in the life of Czernowitzers,
> at least for our parents. To go back to 1848 and connect to personally,
> appears more difficult to me.
> [Berti Glaubach]
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