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To explain why you need personal records requested ?
  Because they are yours !


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> Hi all,
> Can be found in the Chernovtsy ZAGS address: O. Kobiliyanska 31,
> Chernovtsy
> The applicant should contact the archive in the form of a letter that's
> written in Russian, the letter should contain information that explains
> why
> the applicant needs the records requested.
> In regards to a request concerning documents that belong to another
> person,
> the applicant needs to send records that proves that the applicant has a
> direct connection to that individual (in addition to the letter
> afore mentioned).
> Regards,
> Marc Goldberger
> Subject: [Cz-L] Czernowitz / Chernivtsi 1934-1939 Vital Records
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> Dear friends,
> This message was posted on the Romania Special Interest group
> mailing list:
> --------------------------------
> I wonder if any of you can shed a light on available vital records for
> Czernowitz 1934-1939.
> The LDS catalog does not mention records from those years (or so I think),
> nor does the RTRFoundation website.
> If any of you have any knowledge on the inventory for these years, or any
> experience in obtaining records from 1934-1939, I would be thankful if you
> can share it with me.
> Many thanks and Shalom,
> Orit Lavi
> Tsukey Yam, Israel
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