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Hi Mimi
Words fail me that you feel you know more about the Shmatkimk , family than
we do , the only thing you have correct is the name of the street they lived
We have documentation , and many cousins living in Israel that have the
correct information , and family photos that give a clear indication as to
what the family did in CZ , and after the War11 in Craiova .

After World War 11 the family lived in Craiova and Kurt's Father and
Grandmother are buried there , we have photos of the graves .
For a short time Kurt's grand mother lived in Israel with one of her
daughters , was very unhappy and went back to Craiova to be with large
extended family .
Kurt new they were alive because his grandmother went to see Lisa's sister
in-law Rica in Israel , but she refused to inform her of were Kurt was
living .
In 1993 after taking a group of 60 Australians to Poland for The 50th
Aniverseary of the Warsar Ghetto Uprising , we made contact with the
Shmatnick family , it was a very immotinal experience for Kurt and myself .

And so the sory goes on .
Best Regards Ljuba German.

Cc: Hardy Breier; Fred Weisinger; Czernowitz Genealogy and History
Subject: Re: : [Cz-L] The Yiddish Appeal

Some corrections to Luba's account:
 From what I remember my father telling me and confirmed by one of my
The Schmatnik family lived on the same street as my paternal grandparents,
on the Verlaengerte Pumnulgasse in Manasteriska. They kept horses which they
rented out to fiacre (carriage) drivers. My father, Salomon Reifer, loved
horses and was very talented at drawing and painting. He drew some of the
horses belonging to the Schmatnik family and this drawing survived safely
and is now hanging in my living room.

On Oct 12, 2014, at 2:28 AM, Luba German wrote:

> Hi Hardy,
> My husband is Kurt Charles German. Born in CZ to Lisa Brecher and
> Shmuel Shmatkmik.
> They had Fiacres and we're living next door to Mimmi . Mimmi sent Kurt
> a copy of a painting of the horses painted by her Grand Father .
> Kurt was taken by the Germans on the Dniester to the killing fields
> with his mother. I always say she gave me a gift from God.
> Kurt's Grandfather was in the army during the 1 World War came home
> and died of the Spanish flu. Grandmother was pregnant with the 6th
> child and had to fend for herself and children.
> Lisa had to go to work at age of12 years to help support the family.
> Morris the oldest brother had shoe shop and was taken away by the
> Russians .
> When the Germans came to CZ they took out 400 Jewish men and shot them
> , the other 2 brothers were among these men.
> My cousin is Born in CZ in 1956 and only left about 15 years ago , his
> full name is Asher Wiezel , this not his birth name. My mothers
> familia name is Kriezer or Kriezerof . We have contacted the group to
> help as find his brother but no luck so far.
> This is just a brief out line of a very long story on both sides of
> the family . Of my mothers family only the 3 children survived in
> Russia as they were considered citizens having a Russian father.
> My aunt went to Argentina to be with her father, we came to Australia
> in 1947 , my father did not want to stay in Europe and wait for a visa
> to America as he had 2 Uncles there.
> I am happy he made this choice, I have visited the States several
> times for business and please, and I must we are lucky to be living in
> Australia.
> I hope this gives you a little insight into an heart breaking story of
> the 11 World War and how hole families disappeared without a trace.
> Kurt received the grand total of $ 500 in compensation and now
> receives quarterly payments from New York .
> Not much for the loss he has suffers.
> Best Regards
> Ljuba German.
> Ahavah Luba German.
>> On 13 Oct 2014, at 12:48 am, "Hardy Breier" <>
>> wrote:
>> Dear Lyuba and Charles ,who are you ?
>> Are you list members ?
>> Remind us please, surnames ?
>> And Asher your mothers nephew, by what name does he go?
>> Just remind me as my memory is slipping Best regards, Hardy

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