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And who will speak this Yiddish ?
How many people speak Yiddish
In today's Czernowitz ?


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Quote: "Rich literature? Who writes in Yiddish today?"

Oy, oy, oy, learn more from Wikipedia:

"Modern Yiddish education. There has been a resurgence in Yiddish learning
in recent times among many from around the world with Jewish ancestry. The
language which had lost many of its native speakers during WWII has been
making somewhat of a comeback. In Poland, which traditionally had Yiddish
speaking communities, a particular museum has begun to revive Yiddish
education and culture. Located in Krakow, the Galicia Jewish Museum offers
classes in Yiddish Language Instruction and workshops on Yiddish Songs. The
museum has taken steps to revive the culture through concerts and events
held on site. There are various Universities worldwide which now offer
Yiddish programs based on the YIVO Yiddish standard. Many of these programs
are held during the summer and are attended by Yiddish enthusiasts from
around the world. One such school located within Vilnius University (Vilnius
Yiddish Institute) was the first Yiddish center of higher learning to be
established in post-Holocaust Eastern Europe. Vilnius Yiddish Institute is
an integral part of the four-century-old Vilnius University. Published
Yiddish scholar and researcher Dovid Katz is among the Faculty. [...]

Internet community. Google Translate includes Yiddish as one of its
languages, as does Wikipedia. Over ten thousand Yiddish texts, estimated as
over 1/2 of all the published works in Yiddish, are now online based on the
work of the Yiddish Book Center, []
volunteers, and the Internet Archive. [] Many
websites on the Internet are in Yiddish. In January 2013, The Yiddish
Forward [] announced the launch of the new daily version
of their newspaper's website, which has been active since 1999 as an online
weekly, supplied with radio and video programs, a literary section for
fiction writers and a special blog written in local contemporary Hasidic
dialects. Computer scientist Raphael Finkel
[] maintains a hub of Yiddish-language
resources, including a searchable dictionary and spell checker."

Edgar Hauster
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