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Hi, Jerome,
It is the same article + CARTOON which Edgar posted on the


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Hello Irene… even when I repaired the link, it did not seem to work for me - I pasted together the broken pieces of the link for form:

and still get a ‘page not found error’. Maybe I have messed things up? Does this link work for you? I would have liked to see this cartoon!


> On Jan 12, 2017, at 09:21, Irene Fishler <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I liked this CARTOON many years ago ( 2008?).But only now I realized
> that it was meant as an illustration to I.L. Peretz's historical
> speech at the Yiddish Language Conference in Cz. in 1908.
> Please look again :
> ernowi
> tz_pp36-41sm_0.pdf
> Let's see what the Cartoon tells:
> 1. In the middle of the street a man is going towards us, in a hurry.
> He is a participant at the Conference ( a journalist?) . He holds a
> book in his hand; a tourist-guide of Czernowitz.
> 2. At right, a man comes out of his store and says in Polish : "Czy,
> jutro bedzie ladnie ?"= Whether tomorrow will be a nice day?
> 3. Above him through an open window we hear a ( young?) lady saying in
> Rumanian: "Lasa-ma in pace !"= Leave me alone !
> 4. On the far left a man (or woman) sitting in the wagon says in
> German:"Wir fahren morgen ab" = We will leave tomorrow.
> 5. On the left upper floor somebody says in Russian: "Zakroyte okno
> pajzaluysta !" = Shut the window, please !
> 6. At the left low corner someone shows us a printed page right into
> our face. The big title reads in Yiddish: "KULTUR" !
> Here we are: this is OUR window, on a Czernowitz street...
> Thank you,
> Irene
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> ...stated I. L. Peretz on the occasion of the Yiddish Language
> Conference in Czernowitz (quotation see below). Don't miss this!
> ernowi
> tz_pp36-41sm_0.pdf
> Now let's listen to I. L. Peretz (1852-1915): " And the best place for
> our gathering was here in Bukovina, especially its capital,
> Czernowitz.(...). We stroll in the eveneing in the streets and from
> various windows stream out the sounds of different languages, all
> kinds of folk-music. We want our own windows! Our own distinct motif in the folk-symphony."
> That's superb, dear Jim, thank you for drawing our attention to this
> publication!
> Edgar Hauster
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