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Was anyone ever tried and convicted for specifically the atrocities against people from Czernowitz in Transistria?

If so, where can one see such a list.

I apologize if this has been answered before.

Stephen Winters

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No, unfortunately there is no translation of this rare book available into English and/or German. And that's a real pity since it's an unique document and the bill of indictment refers to the witness statements of Traian Popovici and his uncle Dorimedont Popovici. In 1945 Dorimedont's testimony was essential for convicting war criminals such as Governor-General of Bucovina Corneliu Calotescu and his loyal assitant Stere Marinescu. But during the implementation of Stalinism in Romania Dorimedont Popovici lost ground and so he was imprisoned and jailed in the Sighet Prison in May 1950, where he died about one month later.

Edgar Hauster

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Hi! For those of us who are not Romanian speakers(or readers!) this
available in English or German?? Cornel.

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Based on the Nuremberg model, People's Tribunals were set up in Romania by a decree issued by King Michael I on April 21, 1945. For us the first trial held by the Bucharest People's Tribunal is of particular importance, since it dealt - i. a. - with the war crimes committed in Bukovina and particularly in the Czernowitz Ghetto. The bill of indictment, the opening statements of the prosecution as well as the attorney's speach are reproduced [in Romanian language] in this month's Book of the Month:

The analysis of the war crimes committed in and around Czernowitz under the headline "Bukovina Fallen in the Hands of a Gang of Thieves" starts on page 54. The media coverage on this trial and the verdicts, referred to as "Death to the War Criminals", became Book of the Month, June 2015:

General Corneliu Calotescu, formerly plenipotentiary Governor of Bukovina, was among the group of 29 officers sentenced to death for war crimes on 22 May 1945. The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment but he was released in an amnesty in 1955.

Edgar Hauster

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