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Dear Mordechai

I came with the Hanoar Hazioni as I was in a Hachshara in Vatra Dornei
for a year before making Aliah. Indeed we came strajght to Mahane Olim
Raanana and I think we were the fist groups that skipped Atlith. Were
are you living now ? I will be in Israel from 2 Mai to 9 Mai and would
like to meet some members of our list.

Shabat Shalom and Chag Sameach


Op 4/5/2017 om 7:01 PM schreef
> Dear David,
> I have just completed reading the heart-breaking book of Ruth
> Glasberg Gold about her heartbreaking experiences as a young girl in
> Transnistria and afterwards. I was fortunate to have remained in Cz on
> basis of a Popovici authorization that my father received with all
> the workers in the factory and learned about . . Transnistria
> catastrophies from our neighbours that returned All I learned and
> read was from the experiences of grownups and not from children and
> youngsters
> I understood from your message that your experiences were similar to
> those of Ruth.
> The reason I react to your message is that you too came to Cyprus with
> Medinat Hayehudim and came to Palestine very likely in the night of
> 31 December 1947. and in the morning straight to the Mahane Olim in
> Raanana. Which organization were you part of ? I was in
> Gordonia-Maccabi Hatzair from the Craiova
> chapter
> Wish you Sabbat Shalom and Hag Pessah Sameah/
> Mordecai
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> אל:
> > Dear Edgar and the other members of the list
> > I was also one of the repatriated orphans from
> > Transnistria in the spring of 1944.
> > The children were divided in groups for different Rumanian
> > cities and when we arrived there the Jewish population took the
> > children to them. I arrived in Bacau. It was actually a shameful
> > situation as we were laying in a synagogue and were on
> > display for the families to chose. I was chosen by a family and
> > they wanted me to call them father and mother which I refused
> > because I remembered my own parents to good. One year later we
> > were assembled in Buzau to be prepared to go on to Palestine. I
> > do not know what happened but only a small group went on aliah
> > with the three small boats of which one, the Mefcure, was
> > torpedoed by the Germans and all olim drowned.
> > The others were left in Buzau So we tried to earn our food and
> > then I returned to the Aaron family in Bacau. The rumor
> > was that the places of the other children were sold to Jews that
> > paid the organizers. I came on aliah only in 1947, was captured
> > by the British on "Medinat Haiehudim" sent to Cyprus and in
> > December 1947 with a prince Charles certificate arrived in
> > Raanana .
> >
> > Best whishes to all
> >
> > David Weiner


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