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Dear Josephine,

I tried to create a family tree from your first email, but your story was not precise enough - or, perhaps, your ancestry is that convoluted - or maybe I just get too confused too easily now. I don't see where our families connect. It might be useful if you could create a family tree. Mine are posted at the Leo Baeck Instutute website with copies of some correspondence, and include where known the dates of birth marriage and death, and places. It is very strange to me that when I google Kula or my father's family names - Budabin and Schurtmann (sic. spelling), nothing comes up although they were also prominent.

By the way, I have noticed that some of the information I gather is from faulty memories, and there are lots of times when I have found out I didn't accurately understand what I was told.

Josefine, Irene: IS IRENE FISCHLER a descendant of Clara ?

Best regards to all - Edgar, Merle, Berti and Irene.

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Same book. 1797- end of 18 century . Kollo - Kula ,Familien Nr. 148-149 .

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