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Dear Dana,

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on this important topic. Late, much too late for nearly all Holocaust survivors, the Romanian government adopts Romania's responsability for the crimes committed during WW2.

You are right, the forms (in Romanian language) in accordance with the Romanian law 189/2000 are available for download at the CSIER (Centre for the History of Jewish History in Romania) site:

However, from my understanding there is NO "conditio sine qua non" whatspever between the application itself and a donation to CSIER. Personally I'd tend to be reserved with respect to such a donation.

Edgar Hauster

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Dear all,
I come back with some details. The place where the request and the forms
are to be submitted is the Centre for the History of Jewish History in
Romania. One their website, access "Formulare tip legea 189".

Unfortunately, the information is only presented in Romanian. I suggested
the person I have just talked to have everything translated into English as

The procedure appears to entail the following steps, from what I can
- a written request by the individual
- a declaration, issued by a Notary's office in Romania, where two
witnesses confirm the case of deportation/evacuation, depending on the
case, including the conditions of persecutions

The centre asks for a donation of 85 USD or 65 euros to be transferred in
their account (there is another form for this).

See this section of their website.

Contact: Tel/Fax : 0213151045, 0213264514


On 23 May 2017 at 12:40, Dana Radler <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have contacted the Jewish Community Centre in Bucharest, and I hope to
> find out details about this allowance. I suspect that the law has to appear
> in Monitorul Oficial (only after the publication the law enters in force).
> As far as I understand at this moment from various news sites, the new
> adopted law says:
> "Those who are in the category of persecuted individuals by the Romanian
> regimes in between 6 September 1940 and 6 March 1945 based on ethnic
> grounds, have the right to a monthly allowance of 400 RON (47.72 euro; or
> 98.1 USD) for each year of deportation or detention.
> At the same time, persons in this category have the right to a monthly
> allowance of 250 RON for each year of being moved out, either to forced
> labour or being evacuated from their home. The surviving spouse benefits,
> starting from the 1st day of the following month after the request was
> submitted, from a monthly allowance of 200 RON if he/she was not remarried."
> Source:
> holocaustului-si-sotii-supravietuitori/
> I will email everybody when I get clear instructions.
> Dana

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