Photos and Commentary by Lucca Ginsburg

Picture #1

Picture #1 is my kindergarten photo -- 'gradina de copii' is kindergarten in Rumanian. I am the one in the first row holding the cardboard with the date. Understandably, I don't remember all the names, but the ones I recall I will mention hereby.  First row top: Hugo Trichter, Mia Engler, Jenny Wender, Grete Weissmann, Sami Loebl (his twin brother is sitting in the second row from below - Julius Loebl).  In the second row from top I remember Friedl Sonntag, Erika Luefschuetz, Anny Weiner, Rosa Weissmann. Can't remember the names of the others.  Third row from the top: Right next to the kindergarten teacher whom I remember only as the nice 'Tante Lea' (she must have had a surname, but I don't know it) is Martha Feingold (lives in Tel Aviv, is a very good physician), next to Tante Lea is Mrs. Lissner, a gym and ballet teacher who taught in our school twice a week.  Fourth row: Ari Rosen.. blatt or berg, the girl in the dark dress is Evelyne Birkenfeld, at the end is Julius Loebl, twin of Sami.  I don't remember the names of the kids next to me, except for the last to the right: Armin Weschler - they had the best grill and restaurant in Czernowitz.


Picture #2

Picture #2 -- Here you can see our class teacher, Mr. Loewi to the left, and Mrs. Singer to whom I owe my good knowledge of German to the right. In the middle sits "Frau Direktor Meisler". Some of the kindergarten children also joined the first grade. In the top row in the middle, the good looking one is Adi Kommer, the class heart throb. Right under him is Matthias Zwilling, whom I met half a century later at the Czernowitz cemetery. He never left our city, never married, and led a pretty miserable life.  He died two years ago I think.  Also: Mia Lackner, Bea Gross (no longer alive), Fredy Peretz, Martha Rathsprecher, Fredy Schwartzkopf, Radu Halus. In the last row, holding the cardboard is Oswalda (Vally) Schummer. Outer left, Kobi Fuhrmann, who perished in Transnistria.


Picture #3

Picture #3 -- Again with our class teacher Mr. Lowie, whom we loved and Mrs. Singer, German teacher, whom I last heard of when I got a letter from her which came from Bucharest. Oh yes, the lady in the third row was our French teacher; she was so good that at the end  of the third grade, all of us had a smattering of French reading and writing.  Right next to her sets Miriam Gottesmann and at the end, Anny Weissmann, who became my special and best friend.  She lives in Bucharest now, is a chemical engineer, married to the director of a theatre. No children. Here Grete Weissmann holds the cardboard. I sit right next to her. Second from left is Radu Halus, on of the few non-Jewish students. He was bright and good looking.

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