Gestapo documents received from NARA by Oded Blaustein regarding his grandfather Kalman Gronich

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Translation of the above page by Irene Fishler

Re: The Jew Prof. Kalman Gronich who resides in Czernowitz

Prof Gronich is an important leader of the Jewish Workers Party in Czernowitz.

Gronich was imprisoned for three months for harboring a Jewess in his home that escaped from Transnistria.

Dr. Enzer wrote in a letter from July 16 1943 to the Jew Dr. Silbershein in Geneva that Prof. Gronich was under threat of extraordinary severe punishment.

Dr Enzer stated that  thanks to his efforts which required great sacrifice on his part together with the Jew Nusbaum (that has since died) and the Jew Wilhelm Fischer he was able to procure Gronich's release.

Oded's notes to the document

Shmuel Enzer & Wilhelm Fischer were leading Jewish attorneys and Zionist activists in Bucharest at that time. Dr A. Silberstein was the representative of the World Jewish Federation in Geneva
Silberstein collected 28 million Lei (70000 US dollars to ransom Jews from Transnistria).