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In 1944, we returned home to Czernowitz Transnistria. We found an apartment
in the same apartment building where we lived before the expulsion, but a
higher floor, just above the apartment where we lived before before the war

The street where we lived before the war ((Maria Theresiengasse [2] branch
from the main street of the city ([3] Herrengasse). Along this street were
three movie theaters in the evenings and on Sunday morning the street became
a promenade - large and small went for a walk on the street.

We lived in Maria Theresiengasse second house from the corner of 6th Street
Herrengasse (see Note 4).

House had three rooms - one very large [5] with windows to the street, the
more room is also quite large and the smaller third room had a window to the
street but this room was a reasonable size. Dora, my sister, and I loved the
little room.

In addition, we had a very large kitchen with an oven built in a corner room
with adjacent pantry groceries. German Pantry called speisekammer. The
apartment had a bathroom with a bath and a little extra room for a household
worker (dienstbotenzimmer).

In conclusion we can say we lived in a spacious house.

In 1944-45 many Russians came to Czernowitz and was the lack of housing and
the authorities were confiscating rooms existing tenants to accommodate
their people.

One day the doorbell rang a young couple, is a Russian military uniform with
chevrons - Major and gentle girl only later we found out she was pregnant.

They spoke Yiddish with her mother and said they learned that we have an
extra room and they ask, to whom the room that in any case we take the room
and would be these people might not like it and they are Jews and at least
we can do.

Mother agreed immediately because it was clear that they are right in all
that they said.

New tenants were given the smallest room and had free access to the kitchen.
They did not interfere with anything since they were gentle and considerate

After a few months the girl (I do not remember the name) a girl. Destiny
wanted the baby was born with a defect in one of her legs. I went with the
girl to the hospital to help her because she was weak after birth. After six
weeks the baby died. The mother was depressed and suffered from chest
congestion while her husband suffered from ulcers in the stomach, probably
because over time the woman was not at home, he ate foods that have worsened
the situation of the ulcer.

This creates a situation that both of them were lying sick in bed, and I
took care of them. Now I understand that I have helped them come. Many times
a day I would go into the room and asks if they need something and the
husband was getting over these words, "is Mommy is here!"

Rabbi - Major had a younger brother, also an officer, and he would come
occasionally to visit his brother. I saw him several times, he was tall and

Rabbi - Captain wanted me to marry his brother and he had all the reasons
why since I was a beautiful, useful, and proved myself as a housewife little
when I took care of them when they were sick.

But it did not work out because I was only 17 years old and we were planning
to leave to Galati , Romania.


(Erna Rubin)

[1] Before the war, the family lived in rented on the first floor right
above the basement apartment that was designed for the super and the
retention of the building,

[2] Maria Theresiengasse This is the German name of the street in the
Austro - Hungarian Empire. But Erna was born after the Romanian occupation
was in 1918 and the name of the street was converted according to Miron
Costin. Name of the street was converted once more after the Soviet
occupation (1944), there exists to this


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