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Excellent, Larry.
Thanks for relating your good exerience
to the list. I'm very glad it worked out so well.
And, even more so as I was the one who referred
you to Gigi, who was our guide in 2012 and whose
apartment we rented.


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Regarding the recent messages about traveling to Cz, I was there a few weeks
ago with three other family members. We were driven there by Gigi Sebastian
TRACIU from Suceava in his very comfortable VW van. The roads were not all
that bad between Suceava and Cz (compared to what I feared based on other
reports), and the border crossing was easy both ways (due in part to Gigi
knowing how to work with the border guards). We flew into and out of
Bucharest, where Gigi also picked us up and dropped us off for the drive to
Suceava. I found that split among four people, his charge was comparable to
other forms of transportation. Gigi also owns a very nice 2 bedroom
apartment in the Suceava town center that he rents out reasonably, and it
has a washing machine which is convenient. I can't say enough about how
good Gigi is.

There is also a new hotel in Cz, called Allure Inn, where we stayed. It is
quite luxurious, and very centrally located in the town center (on the
Ringplatz I think). With the current exchange rate, it was about $60/night.
Zoya was also extremely helpful for us while in Cz as our guide there, and
Gigi also acted as our driver in Cz. It all worked out very well.

Larry Herman
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