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  Things your mother told you .
The 1940 Soviet takeover was a non- violent takeover. Not an invasion.
  By the Soviets that we called Russians.
   The Russians didnt love Jews. Nobody else did .
   The word pogrom comes from Russian.
    But in the battle of Stalingrad they saved the European Jewry.
      As a by-product of saving Russia,


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> Hardy - they also have great caviar and vodka - I've been there twice
> for professional reasons in recent years & love many things about the
> place - I was merely repeating what my mother told me many years ago
> about the invasion in 1940. Hoping that recent events don't close the
> borders and that good will can be restored in the region......
> sdes
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 2:33 PM, HARDY BREIER <> wrote:
>> Well, for beating the German Wehrmacht, they must have known how things
>> worked.
>> Some of the things that matter ,anyway.
>> Without which none of us would be here today to bitch.
>> They also dance ballet superbly !
>> Hardy
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>>> I wasn't born yet, but my mother also spoke about that date - she
>>> looked on the Russians as barbarians who pillaged and broke everything
>>> in their path - in part because they were ignorant and didn't know how
>>> things worked - & of course people did get shipped off to Siberia. I'm
>>> not sure if my grandparents were taken away then or at a later date
>>> Sylvia
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