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Mimi and all :
L.J stands for Live Journals : the two sites wherefrom=20
all my pictures stem. Kind of blog.
The remarks as to location are not mine but of some
 L.J members , all of them current Czernowitzers.
 This much as to the " Oiberchohem" which I surely am !!
  All I wanted is bring up a photo of a worthy list member.
   And bring back some action to the Ehpes.
    This is all there is.
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Hardy and all others,


Sei nischt a "Oiberchoochem".

The photograph was taken in front of the small shop of Delicatessen,
in front of my grandparents' factory on the Schmiedgasse.
Both the factory building and the building in the photograph
are still where my grandparents had them built in 1923 - 1924.
Check it out on Yandex:

Wait for one or two minutes and you will see the building,
located on Schmiedgasse / Str. Cronicarul Neculcea / Ul.Celana


On Nov 11, 2014, at 5:13 PM, Hardy Breier wrote:

> 9748234/6775408/6775408_original.jpg
> On this Ehpes picture of Mimi with dad Mimi writes this was
> taken on Grebinsky str that is Schmiedgasse.
> The Czernowitzers of my LJ say it is Russka str and to prove
> it they attract attention to the sidewalk pavement
> in both pictures.
> Hardy

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