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Hi Hardy, your description of an house in Chernowitz is accuratly, but you
forgot that on the bodem were strings (Schnuere) for hanfing to dry the
fresh washed things.Not every bodem was like your description..There were
our bodem with bricks on the floor, and prvided with big baskets for the
plates and pots.for Pessach . Also some baskets with the garderobe from the
1905 and some diaries of my grandmother, very interesting for me. so I came
through a secret that my grandma was an artist, a circus-rider before she
married my grandfather. I sit down for hours in the bodem,, as teenager,
reading old magazins. like the "Gartenlaube" or Theodor Herzls "Neue
Welt".from last century or looking through the window directly to the
Residenz, admiring the brick-roof, multi-colored...Yes my memories are
coming back.with Hardys boydem.....

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Roofs: In my time all roofs were made of tin.
  Zinkblech, the tradesmen were Blachiary or Blecher
In Rumanian tinichigiu.
Next came the attic . Dachboden, in Yiddish the Boidem.
Here you put old things you don't need but you cannot
consider throwing away. So it goes to the Boidem.
The floor of the boidem was sand , If the roof leaked
the water penetrated into the flat.
  The Boidem was populated by mice,cats , spiders .
bats, vampires, birds .Access usually by ladder from
Next came the apartments the Wohnungen.
The floor was the Fussboden in German but in Czernowitz
it was the Brick from the German Brucke.
So we lived between a Boden (ground) which was upside
and a Brick - a bridge .
There also was a Keller for keeping wood, ice and potatoes.
A very spooky place.


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