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Hardy is right about the roofs being mostly made of tin.
I have particularly detailed memories of one of those attics.
In July of 1942 my parents and I were living with friends of my parents
on what we called the Slowatskigasse. In Romanian the street was called
Str. Nicolae Filipescu but because the house was on the corner
of the Str. Transilvaniei the address was Str. Transilvaniei #42.
When it became known that there was going to be a "Ratia"
(pronounced "Ratsia") - a search for Jews in order to deport them to
My parents and I and a number of other families hid in the attic.
This attic like most attics in Czernowitz were used to dry laundry
and had ropes strung up for that purpose. It was also the place
where many of the occupants of the building kept their old furniture,
suitcases, etc. The tin roof heated up in the July heat and the wooden
floor and beams of the attic became hot too and gave off a smell,
particular to untreated wood. We were in the attic one day,
we heard soldiers searching the house, but they never came up to the
Other Jewish people living in the same house, among them one member
of this list,
were found and deported.

On Nov 16, 2014, at 10:12 AM, Hardy Breier wrote:

> Roofs: In my time all roofs were made of tin.
> Zinkblech, the tradesmen were Blachiary or Blecher
> In Rumanian tinichigiu.
> Next came the attic . Dachboden, in Yiddish the Boidem.
> Here you put old things you don't need but you cannot
> consider throwing away. So it goes to the Boidem.
> The floor of the boidem was sand , If the roof leaked
> the water penetrated into the flat.
> The Boidem was populated by mice,cats , spiders .
> bats, vampires, birds .Access usually by ladder from
> stairs.
> Next came the apartments the Wohnungen.
> The floor was the Fussboden in German but in Czernowitz
> it was the Brick from the German Brucke.
> So we lived between a Boden (ground) which was upside
> and a Brick - a bridge .
> There also was a Keller for keeping wood, ice and potatoes.
> A very spooky place.
> Hardy

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