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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 00:01:46 +0100
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Thank you, dear Jerome! You are very welcome as a travel companion!
I wish you a wonderful new year 2015 as well!
Happy Weihnukkah!
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Congratulations Christian -- I wish you safe journey and a peaceful and
productive 2015!
I will be riding with you...

On 2014-12-21 2:05 PM, Christian Herrmann wrote:
> Dear all,
> Many of you followed my wanderings through Galicia and Bukovina and I'm grateful to you and your comments. With me was my old camera; I took photos whenever I was travelling in the last two years. Classic black and white photography. Thanks to the Rhineland Regional Association I'm now able to publish some of my photos as a book.
> Coming on January 15: my book "Spurensuche" (Searching for Traces). 64 pages with 52 full-page photos of the remaining Jewish heritage of Galicia and Bukovina in Western Ukraine. You can pre-order through your bookstore (ISBN 978-3-00-048258-8) or directly from the publisher ( by sending an e-mail to
> >From December 26 on I will travel again. This time I will go north from Lviv to Volhynia - Lutsk, Kovel, Rivne, Dubno and Ostroh are on my schedule. And Trochenbrod - the only all-Jewish town that existed out of the land of Israel. I hope you will virtualy travel with me again! As usual travel reports will be published here:
> I wish you peaceful holidays!
> Christian
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