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<x-charset iso-8859-1>I am seeking information on the TAUBER- FISHMAN - SHOR- and PACKER families in the Czernowitz area. Victor and Isidore Tauber lived in Czernowitz in the late 1800s. Isidore came to NY in 1904 with his wife Minna Packer, daughter of Eliezer (son of Jacob from Borjan)Packer and Hinda Fishman (daughter of Judah and Rachel) of Snyatin. Victor came to the US a few years earlier. Isidore received smicha from the Kreis-Rabbiner of Bukovina and Chief rabbi of Czernowitz, R. Elias Eliahu Igel. Their father, Aaron Tauber married Rachel Shor (daughter of Zev Shor), may originally have come from Vienna and was reportedly an engineer. His father Joseph Tauber reportedly lived in Vienna and may be identified with the journalist Joseph Samuel Tauber (d. 1873), though this is not certain. His father may have been a David Tauber from Toporov or Toporovitz.

By the way, Hugo Gold's, History of the Jews of Bukovina, has some nice pictures of turn of the century Czernowitz.

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