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Shalom Czernowitzers!

I take this opportunity to introduce myself to the
list: My name is Jerome Schatten, born in NYC (1937),
living now in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

My pgf Adolf (Abraham) Schatten was married in Czernowitz to
Sali Falikman(n) in 1901 and my father, Emanuel (Monju) and
his brother, Zigfried (Sigi) were born there in 1903 and
1905 respectively. Adolf immigrated to the US in 1908
and Sali followed with the children in 1909. Adolf's
father's given name was Seinwel and then the trail back
runs cold.

This then is my connection with Czernowitz. Of course,
I never asked the right questions when when my parents
and grandparents were alive, and so now, with the
help of a Falikman cousin, we are trying to reconstruct
the lives of the Falikman(n)/Schatten families who left
Czernowitz in the first decade of the 20th century.

A rudimentary family tree appears on my website along
with some pictures, drawings, postcards, from Czernowitz
and Bukovina. As well there's a collection of maps
that I was using in my research.

My site is at
Click on "The Schatten Genealogy Project"

I'm very much interested in chipping away at questions
such as where Adolf, Sali and Seinwel were born; the
given name of Seinwel's wife; and determining if the
two other Schattens (Roudolf and Leon) that appear
in the 1913 Czernowitz city directory are relations.

For now I would ask if anyone knows for which years
the Czernowitz city directories exist; where they
are located; and how may they be accessed? Will these
records be part of the filming by LDS? I found a
jpg of a page of the 1913 directory on the net that
just happened to have two Schattens on it (luck!).

Thanks, and I look forward to learning much from the
members of this list!


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