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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:03:29 EDT
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<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Hello all, old and new,

I"ve been on the road for quite a few days now and am probably a bit out of it, not sure if this list/serve thing will work. While I was in Duesseldor, I met my newly found cousin, Peter Fleminger and his wife Rachel. Aside from having a lovely evening full of family feeling and great food (lots of asparaghus and then Rachel served strawberries with just a touch of black pepper, it was brilliant if you can imagine) and conversation, I got a family tree going back to early 19th century Czernowitz, showing a Noah Fleminger as the original forefather Peter and I have in common. In addition, Peter is a born (1937) Czernowitzer. I've only known about his existence for around a year, and am very moved to discover I have family who survived. His family left Czernowitz at the first sign of trouble, survived the war in Romania and then Israel.
At the moment, I am at the Polish/Slovakian border (supposed to be vacation) and just wanted to respond to the new crop of mails.

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