Re: Ellis Island passenger arrivals (Czernowitz)

From: Bernie Levy <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 11:05:49 -0400
To: Bruce Reisch <>, Czernowitz listserv <>

Bruce (and Stephen),

I used the various EllisIsland options, from the results screens, in attempts to
get details on passenger records, text and original manifests, etc. Sometimes
response was fairly rapid and sometimes it "never" came back and I cancelled.

One of the things I found, which you probably are aware of, was many variations
of spellings of towns. For instance, there were a couple of odd misspellings of
Czernowitz that I noticed which probably means they didn't come up in your

In my surname searches, the town of Mihowa was spelled correctly for several
hits but as Milhowa for my BURG search. Also, Zablatow came up all kinds of
ways. I can understand this from looking at the handwriting in the manifests.
Some of it almost looks like Russian script rather than English. Who to write
to, if anyone, to try to get records corrected?

Is the only way to try to limit search by country to check "ethnicity" as
Austrian, Ukrainian, etc.? My towns are sometimes shown as Austria, Roumania,
even Russia -- depending on year of departure/arrival.

Do you think that the EllisIsland site will ever have records older than 1892 or
newer than 1924?

Bernie Levy
Stamford, CT, USA

LEVY, POSMONTIER (POSMENTYRER, etc.) from Biezun (or Bedzin), Poland
KAUDERER, BURG, THAU, ALTMAN from Beregomet, Migovo,
  also possibly Russ Banilov, Zalusce, Sniatyn, Otynya, Dzhuriv (Ukraine)
DREBIN/DREBEN from Taurage & Kretinga, Lith. and Poltava, Ukraine.
ACKERMAN from Kretinga, Lithuania

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