Independent Willawczer Bukovina Society

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 While visiting Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Queens, NY to pay our respects to my maternal grandparents I came to realize that they were
buried with a society from the village them came from in Bukovina. The
village which here is called Willawczer is in fact Vilyavche. We copied
down all the names in this society, "Independent Willawczer Bukovina
Society Volks Verein." We copied down all the names of those buried
here and would like to share them with you.

Seinrich, Jennie Greenberg, Ilene
Seinrich, Jack Greenberg, Benjamin
Zenreich, Hanah Appel, Jennie
Zenreich, Abraham Appel, Sam
Zenreich, Helen Lesser, Rose
Heiferman, Morris Breindel, Bessie
Heiferman, Rose Breindel, Anna
Heiferman, Mary Breindel, Morris
Heiferman, Irving Krumholz, Anna
Heiferman, Samuel Krumholz, Max
Novick, Hyman Brown, Freida
Novick, Mollie Levine, Harry
Buller, Yetta Lind, Peter
Buller, Solomon Seaman, Philip
Buller, Fannie Seaman, Frieda
Buller, Fanny Rudman, George
Buller, Saul Rudman, Miriam
Buller, Morris Rudman, Harriet
Spiess, Manwine Rudman, Irving
Stanger, Joseph Rudman, Dora
Stanger, Yetta Rudman, Sam
Waxman, Rose Sloshower, Samuel
Waxman, Benny Sloshower, Minnie
Dermer, Rose Pinkus, Hyman
Dermer, Pearl Renert, Isidor
Dermer, Sylvia Kermeyer, Harry
Dermer, Clara Kermeyer, Yeta
Dermer, Joseph Kriegel, Nathan
Dermer, Louis Kriegel, Abe
Dermer, Joseph Lehman, Joseph (Rev)
Dermer, Minnie Kleinberg, Clara
Dermer, Isidore Kleinberg, Samuel
Dermer, Hyman
Weiner, Miriam
Weiner, Lillian
Weiner, Benjamin
Weiner, Jacob
Schorr, Clara
Schorr, Beckie
Schorr, Abraham
Schorr, Ben
Schorr, Fay
Schorr, Katie
Schorr, Jacob
Kriegsman, Frieda
Krigsman, Yetta
Kriegsman, Leah
Kreigsman, Julia
Kreigsman, Alex
Kreigsman, Morris
Mitchell, Sadie
Minster, Sadie
Mintzer, Jennie
Mintzer, Morris
Lowner, Molka
Goldstein, Samuel
Goldstein, Clara
Goldstein, Jennie
Aronow, Bella
Aronow, Nathan
Brecher, Dena
Brecher, Yetta
Brecher, Samuel (Rev)
Stadler, Clara
Stadler, Minnie
Stadler, Joseph
Stadler, William
Stadler, Nathan
Tow, Rebecca
Tow, Hyman
Tow, Morris
Finder, Esther
Finder, Max
Dauber, Anna
Dauber, Malka
Dauber, Mollie
Dauber, Israel
Dauber, Joseph
Dauber, David
Werner, Fanny
Werner, Adele
Werner, David
Werner, Alvin
Goodman, Beckie
Klein, Mamie
Klein, Isidore
Klein, Fannie
Wernbaum, Mildred
Grief, Abraham J
Greif, Yetta
Greif, Isidor

I hope that this will be of help to some of you. Please, if you have any
questions feel free to ask.

Lois Friedman
Delray Beach, FL
Searching: GREIF, SCHIESEL, LECHNER from the above area
SEGAL, SEGALL from Iasi, Romania area</B></FONT></HTML>

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