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<x-flowed>Dear friends:

A number of you were pretty excited about the possibility of
receiving information directly from the archives in Chernivtsi. So I
am passing along to you copies of my correspondence with Karen Lebon
of Kent, England, who received this material and passed the
information along to me. You'll note that the entire process took
more than a year (less hopeful than I originally thought). Before I
copy in the letter, here is the complete contact information for the
archive Karen dealt with:

Chernivtsy Regional State Administration
State Archive Chernivtsy Region
20 Stasjuk Street
58029 Chernivtsy
phone/fax: (03722) 3-20-31
email: <archive_at_chv.ukrpack.net>

NOTE to LOBL and LOCKER researchers: Some LOBLs and LOCKERs appear
on the same page with LOCKSPEISERS. Email me for the details, and
I'll attempt to send you scans of the documents.

Enjoy the read.


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Subject: Re: Galicia/ Czernowitz
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 17:29:50 -0000
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Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your email, and interest. Even though it is not my family
history, I do find the research fascinating, and often find it difficult to
stop, even when researching someone else's family, but usually the financial
aspect puts an end to it.

Regarding the information that I received from the Czernowitz archives, I
don't read Russian, Ukrainian or know Romanian, so I may be totally wrong
about what I think may be some type of census. However, my son originally
wrote to the archives in Russian (learnt a little at school), and I think he
did translate the Russian word as a census, but it could have said "no
census". I don't know!

Anyhow, I am very willing to send you the copies of the information I have,
and maybe you are able to do better on the translation aspect. My original
request to the archives was for information on the Lockspeiser family, in
particular Neichman Lockspeiser, and I gave them a birth date of 1892 (the
grandfather of a lady in Los Angeles and possible relative of a family in
England). That is about all I said, and the information took forever!

Karen Lebon

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From: Bruce Reisch <bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu>
To: Roderick Lebon <rodlebon_at_onet.co.uk>
Date: 18 March 2003 13:16
Subject: Re: Galicia/ Czernowitz

>Dear Karen:
>Last night, I found your envelope in a pile of unopened mail that had
>accumulated while I was in California last week. With information
>about your missing parcel plus 2-3 bills that hadn't yet shown up, I
>began to wonder where all this mail was, and was lucky enough to find
>everything last night. So - my apologies for losing things
>This is the first time I have ever heard of anyone ever receiving a
>response directly from one of the Chernivtsi archives. Did they
>request payment or did they send this material for free? Have you
>ever corresponded with them using the email address shown on their
>If you don't mind, I'd like to share some of the census records with
>a person in Ottawa, Canada, who was part of a project to copy many of the
>Jewish records in Chernivtsi. I wonder if she'll recognize these
>types of documents as being among those she was able to copy. Along
>with document copies, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Ottawa led a
>2 year project to digitally photograph all tombstones (60,000) in the
>Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi. All of this material will eventually
>be posted on the internet.
>With Purim services going into the evening, I didn't have a chance to
>really examine the material you sent very closely. When I have a
>chance to think about the Lockspeiser family, I'll be happy to send
>you my comments.
>Many many thanks for sharing this information with me.

From: "Roderick Lebon" <rodlebon_at_onet.co.uk>
To: "Bruce Reisch" <bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu>
Subject: Re: Galicia/ Czernowitz
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 20:10:18 -0000
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Dear Bruce,

Thank you for your email. Glad the post turned up.

I cannot find my copy of the original letter to the Chernivtsy archives, but
I do recall that I asked my son to write a letter because he knows a little
Russian. So he wrote a short and sweet letter to the archives in his best
Russian, and I think they replied requiring some money, and I recall
enclosing an IMO for $30.

In May 2002 the archives wrote to me telling me what records they had
available to search, appropriate to my interests, and at some stage I
vaguely recollect that I filled in a form which clarified what exactly I
wanted, and what I was looking for although I had already told them in my
letter. I think this may have been emailed (I think I have since deleted
any email if there was one), but my memory is a little foggy since I know an
independent researcher later emailed me to ask whether I would like to
employ her to liaise with the archives. Who knows from whence she obtained
my email address, but I replied that I was not prepared to pay out more
money for research that was on someone else's behalf, and that I had already
paid the archives. I told her that if she wanted to do something for me,
she could phone the archives to see how the research was going. I don't
know whether she did or not. However, it wasn't till very recently in
February 2003 that I received the information that I sent you. One can't be
in a hurry corresponding with Ukrainian archives!

I did originally send the same request to several archives. The Chernivtsy
archives was the only one that wrote back, although the Lvow (can't remember
how to spell it) emailed me directly in English.

I would be delighted to help in any way, so please do pass on the
information that is useful to your group. I am only a little cross with
myself that I can't quite remember the order of correspondence, and whether
in fact they did email me. I have a feeling that I did have one email, but
I wouldn't like to swear on it.

The Chernivtsi tombstones look interesting. I look forward to seeing them
on the internet.

Karen Lebon

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