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Dear fellow subscribers,

My name is Miriam Taylor, maiden name Reifer and generally called Mimi.
I was born in Czernowitz on June 7 1937. My father was Salomon Reifer,
he was born in the Czernowitz suburb of Manasteriska and attended the
Gymnasium and the University of Czernowitz where he obtained a degree in

Mathematics. My mother Rachel Reifer, formerly Steinmetz, was born in
Czernowitz in the Karolinengasse and attended the Madchen
Her family later moved to the Schmiedgasse (Strada Cronicarul Neculce ),

where they had a factory for processing meat, a store, as well as the
residence. After their marriage my parents lived there, and I was born
and lived there until the summer of 1940 when we moved to the
on the southern end of town. My maternal grandparents also owned a store

on the eastern side of the Rings-Platz, which from recent photographs I
still identify. Steinmetz Selchwaren were very well known in the whole
Bukowina as well as in neighbouring counties. My maternal grandfather,
Saul Leib Steinmetz was a very active zionist, had been a delegate to
the second
Zionist Congress and in the 1920'ies published a Yiddish weekly paper
and for while
served on the city council. My parents and I survived the war in
Czernowitz itself.
After the war we moved to Oradea Mare in western Romania, two years
later I went
to Holland with the Aliyat Hanoar and in February 1949 I was reunited
with my
parents in Israel. My parents are now both deceased and for the last 35
my husband, Milton Taylor and I have been living in Bloomington IN US.
I speak and read German and Yiddish and despite having left Czernowitz
at age eight,
remember a lot about the city and the events of the war years. I have
documents and
group photographs which may be of interest to some of you. I would
gladly share
these with anyone interested. This summer my husband and I are planing
to go to
Czernowitz, primarily to revisit the places I remember from my
also to visit the graves of my grandparents and possibly to visit the
village of
Klivodyn where my maternal grandmother was born. I have heard that
staying in
Czernowitz can be very unpleasant, no water in the hotel, dirty and bad
Therefore I would be very grateful for any advice. Just as important,
have any
of you who visited recently encountered any anti-Semitism?
Please e-mail me care of my husband at <>
Very glad to join the group, Miriam (Mimi) Taylor

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