Travel Guide to Bukowina 1907

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<FONT face=Arial>Dear Fellow Sigers,</FONT>

<FONT face=Arial></FONT>
<FONT face=Arial>Recently a historian contacted me through the listing in
Jewish Gen </FONT>
about my G. Grandfather's health resort in Solka Rumania. He sent me
a copy of a new book<FONT face=Arial>titled "Illustrierter
Fuehrer durch die Bukowina."</FONT>
<FONT face=Arial>A reprint by Mandelbaum dated 2002 ISBN
3-85476-047-7 and available</FONT>
<FONT face=Arial>on for $15. It is a wonderful little
travel guide book about the towns in the Bukowina,with many illustrations,
written in 1907. Turns out myGrandfather had taken out a two
page</FONT><FONT face=Arial>advertisement in the book.There
</FONT><FONT face=Arial>is a lot of information on Chernowitz and advertisers
from Chernowitz which may be </FONT><FONT face=Arial>relatives of our Sig
members. I have attached a list </FONT><FONT face=Arial>of these
advertisers. Hope this is of </FONT><FONT face=Arial>some help for others
as it was for me.</FONT>

Joe Poras
<FONT size=1><FONT size=2>ps: In some cases the OCR did not work too well
<FONT size=1></FONT>
<FONT size=1>Adler, Hotel zum scliwarzen Adler </FONT><FONT size=1>.
</FONT><FONT size=1>83Atistro-Aruerikana Schiffaltrtsgesellschaft
19Axelrad, Zettentfabrik </FONT><FONT size=1>. </FONT><FONT
size=1>123Autgabel Salomon </FONT><FONT size=1>. . </FONT><FONT
size=1>87Wanovici Hermanut 80Balfinester B. </FONT><FONT size=1>. .
</FONT><FONT size=1>SBahrynowicz F., f-lofphotograph </FONT><FONT size=1>.
</FONT><FONT size=1>31Baar, Café </FONT><FONT size=1>. . . </FONT><FONT
size=1>SIBierbrauerd ALtiengesellschaft 82Dornbatin, S. </FONT><FONT
size=1>. </FONT><FONT size=1>141Europe, Café </FONT><FONT size=1>. . .
</FONT><FONT size=1>83Feuerwerk GroR </FONT><FONT size=1>. . .
</FONT><FONT size=1>133Falikmann, Max, Tej,j,ichliaus </FONT><FONT size=1>.
</FONT><FONT size=1>88Fraitzosin, ztIrGlobus, Reisebtireau
14$Gottlieb Josef, 85Cruder M, 82Gaina Stefaii
13Gold Eduard </FONT><FONT size=1>. </FONT><FONT size=1>141Gottesmann
 Nidel 139Garvens W. </FONT><FONT size=1>. . </FONT><FONT
size=1>20Gelbard Samuel 55Habsburg, Café </FONT><FONT size=1>.
</FONT><FONT size=1>25Heilmaii Kolin Söhne </FONT><FONT size=1>.
</FONT><FONT size=1>134Hotel Bristol Czernowitz </FONT><FONT size=1>. .
</FONT><FONT size=1>134Jäger Sigtiiteiid, Papierhaudltutg 50Jergitsch
Ferdiirnnd </FONT><FONT size=1>. . . </FONT><FONT size=1>32Jozefy
Mfiller </FONT><FONT size=1>. - . </FONT><FONT size=1>140Koluuibus,
Reisebtireati </FONT><FONT size=1>. . </FONT><FONT size=1>38Kuirdhektion
Doruawatta </FONT><FONT size=1>- . </FONT><FONT size=1>109Kinel Xawer,
Tapezierer </FONT><FONT size=1>. . . </FONT><FONT size=1>19Kanczticki’s
Alex. WiIIwe </FONT><FONT size=1>. </FONT><FONT size=1>87Katz Abraham
144Krakatier Wechselversicherting 37Leitikattf Josef, Spediteur
</FONT><FONT size=1>. . </FONT><FONT size=1>26Madfes L. </FONT><FONT
size=1>..</FONT><B><FONT size=4></B></FONT><FONT size=1>Müner
Schàchter 142Manheirner Heiitrich, Donia </FONT><FONT size=1>. . .
</FONT><FONT size=1>110Nadler Peretz’s Söhne </FONT><FONT size=1>.
</FONT><FONT size=1>138Peretz Bernhard. Bilderhandlurtg </FONT><FONT
size=1>. </FONT><FONT size=1>133Providentia, Versicherungs ges. </FONT><FONT
size=1>- . </FONT><FONT size=1>38Post, Hotel ztir I’ost (A b r. Konig)
</FONT><FONT size=1>- </FONT><FONT size=1>79Phönix, Assektiranz 42.Poras
Dr-. Solka 113</FONT>

<P><FONT size=1>Roseubaum Max 139</P>
<P>Ronchetti Comp.</P>
<P>Reicher Salomnon</P>
<P>Szkowron Albert</P>
<P>Salter Benjamin Bttcltbinderei</P>
<P>Singer Co.</P>
<P>Schmiedt Fonhiu</P>
<P>Schulz Karl</P>
<P>Schouhaun, Leon</P>
<P>Schleier Jonas</P>
<P>Schacher Hermaun</P>
<P>Schulz Rudolf</P>
<P>Sclialy Ro,uuald</P>
<P>Schneuer Efroim</P>
<P>Schrct,zel Leon</P>
<P>Steiner Co.</P>
<P>Tropp Falikrnann</P>
<P>Trichler H., Kachelofenfabrik</P>
<P>Viktoria, Assekuranz</P>
<P>Wittner Leon, Teppkhha,ts</P>
<P>WeiB Hansi</P>
<P>Zalodek Josef</P></FONT><FONT size=2>


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