Notes/Updates/Suggestions to Czernowitz-L subscribers

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 09:46:01 -0400

<x-flowed>Dear Friends:

It's great to see continued activity and interest in this list. I
have heard privately from some of you that posts to the group are
resulting in some great information being exchanged off-list.

We are now up to 105 group subscribers! It's exciting to see this
level of growth and interest in the group. Many of you folks,
however, has been "lurking" out there! I hope you will each send a
message to the group about your research interests in the Jewish
history and genealogy of the Czernowitz and Sadagora communities.
It's one of the best ways to take advantage of a discussion group
like this.

Since there are so many new subscribers, I'd like to provide you all
with a few reminders, updates:

1. Members that receive group postings in digest mode (daily
compilations of all posted messages) have to scroll through lots of
coded text in order to see the messages themselves when messages are
sent in anything other than "plain text" mode. Please set your email
software to send messages in plain text. If you are unsure how to do
so, here is a How-To explanation for many of the commonly used email

2. If you reply to a message by clicking on your program's reply
button, the reply will only go to the sender, not to the list.
"Reply All" will send to the sender and to the list. If you'd like
to send a reply to the list, make sure the list address
<> appears in the To: field.

3. Some of you, particularly the new members, are interested in
seeing an archive of previously posted messages, similar to (or
better than) what's available for JewishGen discussion group posts.
One of our new members is very knowledgeable in this area, and has
volunteered to help provide such an archive in the near future.

4. What can we accomplish as a group? In the near future, plans are
to begin helping the JGS of Ottawa and the Canadian Natl. Archives
with a project to index the records of burials in the Czernowitz
Jewish cemetery. Many of you have already volunteered to help in
this effort; we are awaiting word from JGS Ottawa on when the
indexing will begin. The tombstones have already been photographed,
and they hope to create an internet searchable database from the
massive collection of photographs and burial registers. Another
project I'd like to suggest is a Czernowitz ShtetLinks web page.
Mimi Taylor's offer to pass along images of much of her own material
related to Czernowitz reminds me that we really need a collection
site on the internet for the great resources that can be provided by
Mimi and other members of this group. I hope one of you will
volunteer to create a Czernowitz internet site, similar to the
Radauti and Sadagora sites that I coordinate (addresses below). If
any of you have other suggestions about how we can build further on
our successes, please reply to the group.

Our first group success was the posting of all the images from Hugo
Gold's book, A History of the Jewish in the Bukowina. Jerome
Schatten scanned the images, Jerome Silverbush translated the
captions, and the JewishGen team (particularly Osnat Rasmaty) posted
the image files to JewishGen - see links to photographs in both
volumes here:

This was a massive project, and the images files are a priceless
resource, so thanks to all those who helped.

Well your name doesn't have to be Jerome (or Osnat or Bruce or Nicko
or Marc or Mimi or Joe or . . . ) to make a difference. If you have
some talent or time to contribute to the success of the group, please
let us know.

Best wishes,

Researching: REISCH, SCHECHTER, FEUERSTEIN - Sadgura, Bukowina, Ukraine
Solca, Bukowina, Romania
WEISSMAN - Brody, Galicia, Ukraine SCHACHTER, HELLMANN - Okup, Ukraine

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