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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 10:18:16 -0500

Dear all,

This is to correct what I wrote regarding the list I recently sent to
all of you.
The list actually is not a list of those permitted to remain in
Cernauti, but
rather, as it says at the top, a list of petitioners requesting
permission to stay.
The list is obviously incomplete and I assume that my father had this
as a document which he carried with him until he received the actual
This would explain why this photocopy is folded in half and I have the
permit (not a photo copy). A translation of what it says at the top of
the list follows:
"The provincial government of Bucovina. Military cabinet (authority,
Requests deposited at the registry of the cabinet (office) for
registration and problem resolutions"
above the names it says: " Names and surnames of petitioners"
>From what I know, people requested permission to stay, on the grounds of
health and because they were needed for the economy of the city. At
least in my family's
case, the petition to stay on the grounds of ill health led to a special
group of soldiers
coming to look for us in the ghetto in order to send us to Transnistria.
Luckily my
mother had the audacity to lie and to say she did not know us. We were
allowed to stay
because my father was needed to run our business which had been taken
over by a
romanian party functionary.
          Sorry about the confusion, Mimi

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