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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 16:42:06 -0700
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Bruce Reisch wrote:
> Dear Jerome:


> I can start sending you images of various postcards whenever you are
> ready for them. It might also be good to copy in the links from the
> general Czernowitz and Bukowina links section on the Radauti and
> Sadagora web pages, addresses below. Also on both of these
> ShtetLinks web pages is a page of photos from my trip to Czernowitz
> in 1998. I can scan additional photos if you are interested.

OK... I now have the links you've suggested on the page as
well as several others I've found useful. Also, I included
the subscription info for Czernowitz-L. I'm not sure if you
intended for me to capture the family links or not. I did not,
but I can easily add them -- let me know if it's appropriate.

Now your remarks above about photos/postcards begs the question
of organization, and I guess this is as good a time as any
to toss this around to the whole list.

It seems to me there are three ways to proceed:

1) Organize around the inidual list participant; i.e. There's
a link say, to list member B.Reich's section which contains most
of his contributions (pictures, dox, lists, maps, stories, etc.).
Probably also, the kind of intro that you made when you started
list. Essentially, everyone that contributes would have a page(s)
with their stuff on it. This is neat in one way, as folks that
able to, can prepare their own stuff. If they use MS-Word, they
turn whatever they do into an HTML document by clicking on 'save
HTML' or I or volunteers could help them; or

2) Organize around the subject material: separate pages for
photographs, histories, testimonies, maps, etc. This has
the advantage of folks finding what their interested in
without having to search through everybody else's stuff. The
disadvantage here is you may loose whatever context the
material had with the inidual. This seems to be the way
most sites are arranged.

3) Some combination of 1) and 2).

There may be other ways to organize -- what would they be?
What would folks be most comfortable with? Over to the

> This is a good start. Mimi Taylor's material (images and name lists)
> would be great to see posted as well.

Mimi Taylor e-mailed me and indicated that she would be getting
involved with the effort. There were a number of other
who promised materials, and a number of folks visited the site.
now somewhat less barren now as I've incorporated your
So... you can send away -- I'm ready to receive.

Again, a joyful Paesach to you Bruce and to all on the list.


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