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From: jerome schatten <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 19:46:27 -0700
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Greetings Czernowitzers!

Some new things to report on

1) The vast majority of personal photographs now have
captions describing at least what, who, when and where.
A few are still being worked on. There are lots of
new pictures. Test out your German on page 3 of the
thumbnails, lower left corner, lm_geschaft-b.jpg. Are
there corrections needed for the caption? Take a look
at the other captions; can you spot any spelling mistakes,
typos, etc. I didn't have a spell checker available while
doing the captions, so it really needs a look. You can
respond publicly if you like, I have no shame.

2) New sections have been added... Check out List Member's
Pages and Non-Electronic Resources. Recommendations on
books, articles, videos, audio tapes etc. -- do you have
something we should know about? There's also lists and
stories (well, one story anyway).

3) Miscellaneous: I can now deal effectively with MS-Word
documents without fear of evil, but you should be using
a anti-virus scanner anyway.

If you're sending scans of photos or documents or whatever,
scan at the highest resolution you can; I can adjust things
if necessary. When you send personal photos, tell me what the
caption should be. If your material would be better as a
story with pictures rather than pictures with captions, no
problem -- write the story, send the pictures and I'll try
and do it justice.

The site may be off the air for periods of a few hours at
a time over the next few days, as I'll be working on the
server hardware.

That's it... keep the material rolling in along with your

Best regards to all,

Jerome Schatten
Vancouver, Canada

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