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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 22:07:17 -0400

Rabbi Gronich Shalom!
Go back to the Ellis Island site.
Find your relative.
Now, click the button that says "manifest".
This is 2 pages!
The button will take you to one page.
The second page is USUALLY before or after the first page.
Sometimes the "volunteers" (harumph) (Avoda Zorah-nikers)
(The Mormons who mann the site, don't just do this out of a sense of
"Altruism", what they do is somehow "baptize" the geneological records
there as part of their idol worshipping rites. A completely Anti-Jewish
(A pet peave of mine)
Anyways, if the second page is not where it is supposed to be, click a
few pages forward or backward to find the page.

Now, look on the page (save it by right clicking).
On the page, you will see:
The name of a person and an address to whom they are going.
The name and address of a person in the old country, from the town they
came from....
I will leave the rest to your imagination...
Hope this is helpful.
A good 14th day of the Sefira (Malchus She Be Gevura)
Only 35 shopping days left until Shevuos!
Raanan Isseroff
Brooklyn, USA
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