Re: discussion regarding Mormon practices

From: Raanan S Isseroff <>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 23:11:57 -0400

It is an interesting subject as it keeps coming up in all the different
email lists on geneology that I have joined. The truth is, it is very
relavant altough most people can't put their finger on exactly why!

What are we studying here? Jews!!
What did the first Jew do that was so revolutionary?
To return the world to the worship of one G-d!

What do all the other religions of the world do?
They take away people from worshipping the one G-d.

Most of whom we are all studying and madly hunting up all lived and died
by this principle. The discussion and frenzied arguements we all have,
they didn't have!
This was not a question by them. It was a byword they lived with and for
some it was something they died for.

So to know that we might inadvertantly further and contribute to a group
that runs contrary to this idea is indeed a good thing to know!

All the best,
Raanan Isseroff
Brooklyn, USA
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