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A new JewishGen database was announced on the discussion groups today. See:

This page provides a description of what can be found in the original
records at the US National Archives II in College Park, Maryland.

Jewish Names in Selected U.S. State Department Files (RG59)

Class 3, Protection of Interest, 1910-1929, primarily from Palestine,
Romania & Austria

A quick search of this database shows that several names researched
by our members are listed in the index. I claim Moses SCHECHTER of
Bukowina as possibly my grandmother's brother. A DM-Soundex search
for Czernowitz turns up 30 entries for surnames like STERNBERG,
LEHRER, FRIEDMAN, BRECHER and more. A DM-Soundex search for Bukowina
reveals 31 entries. It's not a lot, but still worth checking. If
you find a file of interest relating to your family, the original
file at Archives II is described as follows: "This record group
consists of correspondence from American citizens or their
representatives who appealed to the U.S. Department of State for help
in tracing relatives, sending money, food and other assistance to
family members in Europe. Most entries were made during and
immediately following World War I. These records are of significant
genealogical value. Many include documents of births, marriages and
deaths of US citizens abroad; settlement of the foreign estates of US
citizens who died abroad; lists and correspondence of US citizens
temporarily or permanently residing abroad. Names of people who were
not US citizens were often mentioned and are included in this

Good luck,

Bruce Reisch
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