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Greetings Michele and welcome to the list/group!

If I were just starting I would be looking for those
who are researching the same surnames as you are, with
an eye to contacting them. The family finder at is your friend here.

A complete list of surnames that you are interested in,
with the geographical areas that pertain to them would
be appropriate to post on Czernowitz-L and JewishGen, as
Dick Conoboy pointed out.

As well, you might want to have a look at the Czernowitz-L
website if you haven't already done so. There's a list of
links concerned with the C'z area. See especially the links
to Bruce Reisch's pages. The site is at:

Best regards,
Jerome Schatten
Vancouver, B.C.

> Michele Troup wrote:
> June 12, 2003
> Hello, My name is Michele, I live in Kelowna
> BC
> I have two children, a great husband and a small family
> business.
> I would like very much like to get a family tree put together
> with as many documents as I can find from Czernowitz &
> Sadagora. Not sure how to do this?
> I have my great grandparents old house address in Revna,
> Czernowitz anyone going that way?
> Information is from January, 1940, (Roumania) uncles birth
> record (1880)
> Office at Revna near Prut
> Metropolis: Bukovina
> District: Czernowitz
> Community:Cotul Vanatori
> Municipality:Czernowitz
> Current house number #126
> My Gr Great Grandfather is from Sadagora & My Gr Grandmother is
> from Revna which is 6.5 miles from Czernowitz on or near Prut
> River (info found on map quest.) My Gr. Grand mother's Mother,
> Alexandra Drczok? died in Czernowitz or Revna. I am not sure if
> this is the way you spell her family name, the hand writing is
> very poor on my great grandparents marriage certificate. I
> would like to know as much about Alexandra as possible, you see
> when my Gr Gr grandfather remarried, her name was never to be
> mentioned again. I did much digging to find the marriage
> certificate with her name,as know one in the family knew her
> name, she was just the first wife who died young. I feel she
> should have honor in this family & be remembered. My great
> grandparents were married in Winnipeg Manitoba 1903. They moved
> to Edmonton around 1905 and opened bakeries till 1929 when my
> great grandfather died. "Alberta Bakery" & Dominion Bakery.
> Hope to be part of your group soon.
> Thank you very much,
> Michele
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