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<FONT face=Arial size=2><FONT face="Times New Roman" size=3>June 12,
2003Hello, My name is Michele, I live in Kelowna
I have two children, a great husband and a small family business. I
would like very much like to get a family tree put together with as many
documents as I can find from Czernowitz Sadagora. Not sure how to do
this?I have my great grandparents old house address in Revna, Czernowitz
anyone going that way?Information is from January, 1940, (Roumania)
uncles birth record (1880)Office at Revna near PrutMetropolis:
BukovinaDistrict: Czernowitz Community:Cotul
Municipality:CzernowitzCurrent house number #126My Gr Great
Grandfather is from Sadagora My Gr Grandmother is from Revna which is 6.5
miles from Czernowitz on or near Prut River (info found on map quest.) My Gr.
Grand mother's Mother, Alexandra Drczok? died in Czernowitz or Revna. I am not
sure if this is the way you spell her family name, the hand writing is very poor
on my great grandparents marriage certificate. I would like to know as much
about Alexandra as possible, you see when my Gr Gr grandfather remarried, her
name was never to be mentioned again. I did much digging to find the marriage
certificate with her name,as know one in the family knew her name, she was just
the first wife who died young. I feel she should have honor in this family
be remembered. My great grandparents were married in Winnipeg Manitoba 1903.
They moved to Edmonton around 1905 and opened bakeries till 1929 when my
great grandfather died. "Alberta Bakery" Dominion Bakery.Hope to be
part of your group soon.Thank you very

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