Alti Rodal's excellent presentation in Montreal - "Jewish Genealogical Research in Bukovina: Cemeteries, Archives and Oral History"

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This week, JGS of Montreal was privileged to have our list-member, Alti
Rodal, provide us with her fascinatingpresentation, entitled "Jewish
Genealogical Research in Bukovina: Cemeteries, Archives and Oral
History",based on two aspects of her experience in the summer of 2001,
over a six week period, in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine.Mrs.
Rodalheaded a small team, sponsored by the Ottawa Jewish Genealogical
Society, whose mission was to digitally photograph the monuments of the Jewish
cemetery of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz). Part of Austria-Hungary before World War I,
Rumania in the interwar period, under German occupation during World War II, and
Soviet until ten years ago, thetown was 60% Jewish, with a very erse and
dynamic community.Ms Rodal then reported on the type of genealogical
information that can be gleaned from Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe, the
experience of photographing monuments, and of accessing relevant archival
records, in particular burial registries, death certificates and community
records. She also reported on her personal pilgrimage to two small
villages in the Chernivtsi area, Kisilev and Borivtsi, where herparents were
born and where she found the mass grave where lie three of her grandparents and
many other members of her family. Related to the personal story,
but of broader genealogical interest, are the archival records of the Soviet
Extraordinary Commission on War Crimes (including lists of people massacred and
witness testimonies) and the experience ofinterviewing elderly villagers
about wartime and pre-war memories of Jewish inhabitants.
-------------------------------------Alti Rodal, now living in Ottawa,
Canada,is a historian, former university professor, author, and a policy
and management advisor and consultant to government. She was born in
Czernowitz, Roumania, received her early education in Israel, and, after 1954,
in Montreal. She holds degrees in French literature and modern history
from McGill and Oxford universities.

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