Washington Jewish Genealogy meeting, let's get together?

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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 08:51:13 -0400
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<x-flowed>Czernowitzers, Sadagorans, Bukowiners:

Last year, those of us attending the International Conference on
Jewish Genealogy had a wonderful dinner together very kindly hosted
by one of our members. Let's try to repeat this with a group lunch
this year in Washington, D.C. It will give us a great chance to
connect with each other.

I'd like to propose that we meet for lunch on Thursday, July 24,
following the talk by Corneliu Lungu (Jewish Holdings of the
Romanian National Archives). It seems likely that most of us will be
at this talk. Let's meet outside Salon I, directly following
Lungu's talk. We can proceed from there to a nearby restaurant or
food court. (Here's where I need some local help and/or suggestions.
I'll make a reservation if need be once I have a count.)

First of all, if you're interested and you'll be attending the
meeting, please drop me a note privately. Let me know if you're
coming and how many in your party.

Hope to see some of you next month,

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