New researcher in Romania

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 23:30:29 -0400

<x-flowed>I just received the following message from Joyce Field and am sharing
it with her permission:

"We are using a researcher who teaches geography at the Univ of
Suceava to photograph tombstones at Jewish cemeteries in Romania and
Moldova as we raise funds for those projects. He is very
knowledgeable and you can communicate with him in English. We
--primarily Rosanne Leeson--have been teaching him the ways of
working with Western clients who hire researchers. <g>

His name is Marcel Mandrescu and his email is
Feel free to use my name if you contact him. I think that JG is
engaging him to work with a client on a ShtetlSchlepper tour."

Hope this is useful to some of you.

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