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<x-charset utf-8>Family lore had it that my grandfather, Adolf Agatstein, came from Czernovitz and my grandmother, Sabina Teitelbaum Agatstein came from Sniatyn in an arranged marriage.
When they arrived in the US on 12/1/1899 on the SS Albano their last residence is listed as Malodja.

His naturalization papers in 1912 stated that he was from “Derelin” and his wife from Sniatyn. Both very clearly written.

In 1912 a niece, Gisa Agatstein, came to the US to her uncle. She left her father G. Agatstein in Czernowitz.

I have checked JewishGen Shtetl Seeker, and other books looking for Derelin.
Does anyone know where Derelin was or is? Where do I look for clues or records? When he died it stated that he came from Austria and there were no names of parents or hometown. My mother was the person who supplied the information.

Thanks for any ideas on locating the town.
Elaine Kaplan
Coconut Creek, Florida

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