Symbol on Tuttenauer Headstone Fwd: New photos on the website...

From: Marc M. Cohen <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 21:01:14 -0700
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<>Dear Czernowitzers,</>
<>I looked at the new pictures and something struck my eye.
At the top of the headstone on the right in &quot;motut1.jpg&quot; is
a picture of a hand holding a pitcher and pouring water over another
hand. I imagine two possible interpretations:</>
<>1. It is the symbol for a Levi to wash the hands of a Cohen
before the Cohen performs the<i> birkat Cohanim</i> (priestly
blessing), which is one of the few emblematic duties surviving for
Leviim, or</>
<>2. It refers to the daily ritual of washing one's hands
before meals with the brucha &quot;<i>al n'tilot yadain.</i>&quot;
The way the hands are drawn, they could be the left and right hands of
the same person.</>
<>However, the traditional<i> n'tilot yadain</i> pitcher has two
handles so it can be alternated between the hands to wash each three
times. Therefore, I am inclined to speculate that this relief
carving represents the grave of a Levi who was ritually active.</>
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Subject: New photos on the website...
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<blockquote type="cite" cite>Greetings Czernowitzers!

If you've read Mimi Taylor's post to the list regarding her trip
this June to Bukovina/Czernowitz, then you should have a look
at the 26 photos she has provided from that trip which start at:
<blockquote type="cite"

There are captions on each picture, so be sure to scroll down
far enough to see them. If anyone wants a hi-resolution copy
of any of the pictures, I can provide same attached to an e-mail.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did.


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